Chinese market knowledge and approach

Training session / intercultural coaching

We organize exclusive tailor-made training in your office for your company to get a better understanding and knowledge of contemporary China.

Through the study of the Chinese administrative and political environment, your staff will learn how to maintain good relations between China and France.

Study trip

We also organize study trips, conceived as "learning expeditions" to increase both Chinese and European team awareness of the specific environment and needs of the concerned professional sector.

Bolenor has for example, organized a study trip related to fashion and design in big cities in China for a French automotive builder.

Business intelligence reports by sector or location

Bolenor offers exclusive tailor-made business intelligence reports that we trust to be reactive and adapted to your needs.

The content of those reports is based on open information resources as well as limited access informations. We believe they are a useful tool to help making important business decisions.

Industrial and commercial business prospection

We also enable your company to benefit from our numerous contacts by sector or location and we organize your business meetings according to your special needs.

For example, Bolenor organized a two week prospecting operation in different provinces of China for a French designer. Thanks to Bolenor targeted meetings, the designer has won a contract.

Project conception and follow up


Bolenor can represent your enterprise in France or China for your commercial operations.

Negotiation consulting and assistance

In China or in France, we assist and advise your company at every step of its negotiations or meetings with Chinese partners or authorities.

Project conception and establishment

We are currently creating a French training centre together with Franco-Chinese institutions which will be located in an historical French Style building in a Chinese big City.

Contacts follow up

We also help you maintain good relations with your partners in China by keeping the link and detecting business opportunities.